Magic Lands by Robert Stanek

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Enter the world of Magic Lands by Robert Stanek:

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Tierras Magicas (The Spanish language edition of Magic Lands #1)
Reading level: Ages 9-12
: 160 pages
Siguiendo los consejos del sabio del pueblo, Ray abandona su ciudad natal, encaminado a un lugar abandonado donde hallara un companero de viaje y juntos iran al pedregal, donde descubrira que la transicion de nino a hombre no es nada facil. "Cuidate de las colas que dan golpes y de los dientes mordedores" fue el consejo dado por el anciano, "y si Toro Viejo no te alcanza, Madre de los Apuros lo hara".



Here's what readers and reviewers have said about Magic Lands:

"A first-class novella by a first-rate author. Bravo!"

"Fascinating, utterly thought provoking from start to finish."

"Robert Stanek paints eerily haunting images that dazzle the mind's eye and delight."

"Full of creepy crawly images that have utterly delighted my ten and twelve year old sons."

"My son and I have read the book twice already!"

Here's what Robert Stanek has said about the book:

"At its heart, Magic Lands is a journey of discovery and of growing up. I wrote this book for my son and it has always been his favorite. I think it will be one of yours as well."

"I would also like to thank readers who have written to me care of the publisher, especially the teachers, principals and other educators who have taken my books under their wing and helped give flight to a dream."

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